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Canada Post You Suck!

Oh god it’s another rant. I can’t help it. But as this is my blog I’ll do what I damn well please (can you feel the pent up frustration pouring out here?)

My rant is about Canada Post, but I think you may have got that already from the title (and if we are friends on facebook, you probably saw my mini rant there this morning too). But this is my full blown rant (you’ve been warned!).

One has some expectations of services in a developed country. From the postal service, you expect letters and parcels you send nationally and internationally to arrive in a timely fashion. You expect letters and parcels sent to you to a) arrive, b) arrive with their contents and c) if you’re lucky, arrive in a timely fashion. Well, Canada Post, you overall suck at delivering any of my expectations (and my mail as it turns out too).

A list of mail issues we have had since arriving here – first M’s voting papers from Germany never arrived. They vanished into the black hole of mailing services known as Canada Post. We have not seen them, ever. Then, he sent his Oma handmade chocolates for her 90th (?) birthday, air mail. Paid a lot for that too. They arrived 6 weeks later (were they put on a boat by mistake?). A parcel I sent to a nephew in NZ arrived…. eventually…. after many weeks (and when kids are young and they are waiting on a present it drags on like an eternity for them). Then my birthday present from my sister in NZ arrived…. 5 weeks after she sent it air mail. A present to me from a friend in Sweden arrived…. 3 weeks late. Another present from another friend in Sweden arrived… MISSING ITS CONTENTS!!! Seriously, someone opened this bubble wrapped package and took out the chocolate and post card. So I rang Canada Post. “Do you have a tracking number for those items?” Ahhh, no. Because I didn’t send half of them, they came from other countries. “Oh well, we can’t do anything without a tracking number.” Seriously? How about the opened parcel? “Can you tell me more about that please?” I sure can. It was OPEN! You idiots delivered an empty bubble wrap envelope to me. “Oh, I see. Was it inside another bag?” No. “Hmmm, well without a tracking number or a request to us from the Swedish postal service, we can’t do anything about that.”  I asked them to take it further, so they said they would investigate it more. No one rang for 2 weeks (standard should be 5 working days), then just as I was about to call again, someone rang me. Same questions as the last person. But they did say they would have to look further into it, and would get back to me once they found out more. They also asked if I had a postal redirection in place (as we moved apartments) to which I laughed and told him I wasn’t going to pay Canada Post to lose my mail as they did such a good job of that already. Unsurprisingly, no one called me back. (Notice the lack of apology so far? Yea, I did too.)

Ok, Canada Post 1, me 0.

We moved address. Great, I thought, now we can escape from the depot that employs idiots and doesn’t deliver our mail or delivers empty packages to us.

Hmmm, wrong. In 1 month (actually, in less than 1 month), Canada Post has lost a new visa card sent to me from the bank (which entailed phone calls to find out when it was posted, required cancellation of the card, re-issuing of another card, and having it delivered to my nearest branch where I had to visit to pick it up). They have lost my change of address from the driving licence authority here (when you change address you must tell these guys because your address is printed on your licence, they send out a little sticker with your new address on it to stick over the top). M’s arrived, and I made my change of address before him, so where is mine? I have since called again to get it re-issued, but so far, nada. I guess both versions have disappeared into the black hole called Canada Post. I rang Canada Post to tell them, and guess what they told me? “Without a tracking number we can’t do anything about it” (still no apology).

But the icing on the cake is that they have now lost my new work permit document. CIC (Canadian Immigration) STUPIDLY sends these documents as a letter – no tracking number, nothing. I rang today to confirm with CIC that they did indeed send it to me (and these guys are nearly impossible to reach via phone), and when they posted it – a full month ago. M’s arrived a couple of weeks ago, but mine hasn’t. And CIC won’t re-issue another set of papers to me until a full 6 weeks has passed (do they think the black hole of Canada Post has a 6 week regurgitation limit?). I asked them, IF I must have it re-issued, what other options are there – can it be couriered, can I collect it from an office? No. It only gets sent as a letter. That is all.

So I rang Canada Post again. Guess what they told me? “Without a tracking number we can’t do anything”. FFS!!!! Something has be done about this! Why are my letters not being delivered? What illiterate idiot cannot read my address? Who has added my name to a black list of people they won’t deliver mail to? Why can’t they do anything to rectify the situation? Why can’t they review their processes at the mail sorting/delivery depot? But mostly, WHERE IS MY MAIL!!!!!!!!!??????????

I am super frustrated by this, in particular the work permit document. If CIC refuses to send it to me any other way, and Canada Post continues to lose my mail, what can I do? Canada Post won’t do anything unless there is a tracking number, which I do understand regarding individual letters going missing, but they also are clearly not resolving issues at their depot as apparent from the multiple letters that have gone AWOL, while CIC will keep sending me documents by regular letter mail. It’s a never ending loop of stupidity, and no one will listen to any suggestions I make (like letting me collect documents from an office, using a tracking number to send these documents, or reviewing depot procedures).

I’m not certain you’ve heard the last of this rant. My patience is thin – medium thin levels at the best of times, and plain incompetence drains what is there naturally in a matter of seconds.

Canada Post



Yes I have another rant to get off my chest. It’s pretty small really but I feel the need to express it anyway.


I know I live in a city, but the noise is constant (except at about 4am on a Sunday when all the drunks have left the city). Right now I hear cars on the street, just before one of my neighbours had an alarm clock going off (they do this at really weird hours, and often just a few minutes apart. I’m not sure if they are a shift worker struggling to wake up, or are using it as some sort of timing device so they don’t burn the cooking – hmmm, maybe I should try that!), someone in another neighbouring apartment had a person visiting who had a hell of a cough… and on and on. One night we also heard what sounded like quite severe domestic abuse with screams… until we realised it was quite loud domestic bliss (the increased frequency and repetitiveness gave it away).

Car alarms or building alarms go off in the middle of the night, little dogs yap loudly either in the building or on the street (despite being on the 16th floor, it seems all noise travels up here, and we can almost hear a loud conversation – well, we can hear it, just not word for word), people yelling, drunks yelling, doors slamming, vehicles beeping as they reverse… The list goes on. Sensory overload?

I guess some days I wish I was back in the country listening to not much at all.

Right now I’m listening to the clock tick tocking… considering removing the battery…

Follow Me

Twice now I have moved country with M, first from NZ to Sweden, and then to Canada. And I’ve got to say, it bugs the hell out of me when people comment, not ask, “Oh, so you followed M to Sweden/Canada”.

Do I look like a dog on a leash? Not the last time I checked. Have I got a brain of my own? I believe so. Can I make my own decisions? Apparently not, according to the question askers.

Yes, we moved both times because of jobs for him. But do you really think I just smiled, nodded and agreed when he came home and told me what we were doing? Do you actually think he just came home and told me what we were doing? You don’t think we might have discussed things a little bit first? Negotiated? Argued? Talked some more? You really think I had no input to these decisions? Do you think I just followed?

I would actually say our latest move was more of a 60:40 decision – with me weighing in on the 60. Don’t get me wrong, we both wanted to come here, but M had a lot more doubts than I did. For him, it was time to go – his PhD was over and he needed to move to take the next step. But we always knew that would be the case so there was nothing to debate on that point. It was more a question of where to, and where is going to work for both of us. So I did my research on the cities we were looking at. I didn’t like a couple of those cities, and I said so, very clearly (and once just as M was about to leave to fly out to an interview, oops, bad timing). And he listened.

So next time you meet someone who has followed their partner somewhere, kindly re-phrase your question – “So you moved here together then?” – or just don’t ask it at all. Because I can almost guarantee the couple has spent many hours discussing and weighing up the pros and cons of each choice before uprooting their comfortable lives and going to the effort, trouble and expense of heading half way across the world and leaving family and friends behind.