Engaging In My Community

Something I miss about my life in NZ is the engagement with my community I had there. I did Tae Kwon Do for almost 20 years, and instructed both adults and kids for probably more than half of that. I didn’t realise it at the time, but it made me feel a part of something. I was looking beyond just me, and what suited/worked for me – anti-selfish may be a better way to say it.

Since living overseas, I have come to miss that. I miss being a part of what makes a community. If you don’t feel a part of the community around you, you don’t tend to care as much about it as if you are immersed in it. Sure, I go to work and see people, and go out running and have some friends here now, but I do nothing for my community (besides supporting local coffee shops).

Recently I discovered there is a community centre very close to where I live. I looked it up (http://roundhouse.ca/) and was super impressed with the number of programs offered for both adults and children. Everything from crafts (pottery, knitting, drawing, painting, wood working), music, theatre, to numerous sport activities. And most at a really reasonable price too. So I decided to start getting involved in my community again.

This morning saw me at a 930am yoga class, stretching out my body, along with a room full of people (who evidently also did not have a late Saturday night). Although I didn’t converse with anyone (other than the instructor who came and introduced herself when I arrived, as it was my first time there), I figure that by going regularly I’ll start to become a part of something again. In a month, the running group starts up too, so I thought I would go along and join that. I may even try to find out if they need instructors for anything I am skilled to do. Being involved and giving back feels good.


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