How to Complain Like a Canadian

Here’s a little scenario that happened to me the other day, which explains how to complain like a Canadian.

The other day I ran into my neighbour in the elevator. He’s a nice man, always says hi and has a chat when we run into each other. Also a quiet neighbour, which I like. Here’s how our conversation went.

“Hi neighbour”.

“Oh hi, how are you?”

“Good thanks. I notice you’ve been having some trouble with your smoke alarm lately.” (I set the smoke alarm off every time I grill something in the oven, despite having the heat on low, the hood fan on, the window open, and the plate inside the oven almost sitting on the bottom.)

“Yea….. It goes off nearly every time I use the oven. It must be annoying for you. Sorry for that.”

“No, no, not at all. It really doesn’t bother me. I used to have a smoke alarm that did that. They are too sensitive. Did you know you can actually get less sensitive smoke alarms, so it won’t go off all the time for no reason?”

“Oh, really? That would be great.”

“Yea, just get your property manager to call the building manager. You shouldn’t even have to pay for it, they should be able to replace it with a less sensitive alarm for free. Well, I’ll see you later.”

“Thanks for the information, I’ll get it done. See you later neighbour.”

How nice of a complaint was that???!

And just for further viewing laughs, here is a blog post from someone who reads my posts occasionally. He nicely pokes fun at differences between Americans and Canadians via cartoons he has come across. (Or paste the link below to your tool bar).



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