First Snowboard of the Season

Well it wasn’t at Whistler, but it is only a 30 min drive from downtown (and home) so that’s gotta be a bonus right? I had my fabulous friend here visiting from NZ. We used to go boarding together in NZ, when we were both very much beginners. So we decided we needed to hit the slopes for a day while she was here visiting Vancouver.

We headed to Cypress ski field ( because of its proximity, and because you could buy 3 different versions of lift passes – full day (9am – close), afternoon (2pm – close) or night owl (5pm – close). Close being 10pm as they put lights on for a lot of the runs. Pretty awesome to break it up like that so you can go when it fits in with your schedule. We didn’t fancy an early start, and wanted to do a little more looking around the city before going boarding, so we took the afternoon option, which also gave us the choice to try out some night boarding.

Cypress at night, compliments of Nick!

Cypress at night, compliments of Nick!

No, that’s not us in the photo. In fact, at this point I’d had enough for the day and was waiting for Nick to do a couple of night runs. I don’t know how keen I am on night boarding actually… This year Vancouver and its surrounding mountains have not had much snow compared to previous years, so it wasn’t the powder day I had been hoping for, but it was still pretty fun. And only 30 mins to drive home afterwards, which was SO nice! Definitely an easy choice if I plan to go boarding after work one night.


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