Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2013 is really just a glorified excuse to eat out more often over a set period. A bunch of restaurants take part, and put on e.g. 3 course meals (set menu) at a set price. Hotels also take part so if you are outside of Vancouver you can get a package deal and stay the night (or just find a good local restaurant…hmmm). But click here for the official Dine Out Vancouver 2013 website anyway.

So yes, I got suckered in and partook in Dine Out Vancouver 2013! Actually, I rarely need an excuse to eat out, it saves me from cooking (and cleaning up) and there really is such a wealth of selection here. A couple of friends and M and I went to a relatively new restaurant in Gastown (remember Gastown? If not click here to read my post about it) called Bambuddha.

Bambuddha's Dine Out menu

Bambuddha’s Dine Out menu

Bambuddha serves Chinese and Hong Kong inspired food. Their set menu for Dine Out Vancouver included a couple of options for each course, which was good because one of my friends is vegetarian, and it catered for her. The atmosphere in the restaurant was nice – dimmed lighting but not so dim that you couldn’t see what you were eating, a bit of background noise but not so much you had to yell to hear each other speak. Clean, crisp interior, Asian inspired, but not over the top.

I started off with the “small plate” (aka entree) called Law Bak Go, made up of radish cakes (spicey!), beef brisket (little cubes of beef) and daikon (whatever that was, it tasted good).

Law Bak Go

Law Bak Go

M went for the squid salad. It’s always a bonus going to dinner with others because you get to sample some of their food too. 🙂

Squid Salad

Squid Salad

For the “not so small plates” (aka main – I do love how they try and be creative with re-naming entree and main etc) I had crispy pork belly. For all you vegetarian/animal lovers out there, I’m sorry but this just looked SO good I couldn’t resist. And it certainly didn’t disappoint – yum, really delicious!

Crispy Pork Belly

Crispy Pork Belly

And then dessert. A choice between Persimmon Pudding or Choc Nog (essentially egg nog with home made chocolate milk). I am a slave to chocolate, so I went for the Choc Nog. No pics of this sadly. This was probably the one let down of the night for me. I should have realised what I was getting from the description (homemade chocolate milk, cream, egg) but I just didn’t expect to served a glass of what was probably Nesquik chocolate flavour mixed in milk, and supposedly with an egg cracked in there. Sure, it was sweet and tasty, but a bit disappointing for dessert. Never mind, the rest of the meal made up for it! Plus it was excellent service, although almost too attentive (our water glasses were re-filled before we even took a drink from them). Points for trying though!

Bambuddha’s website for anyone wanting to try it:



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