Yes I have another rant to get off my chest. It’s pretty small really but I feel the need to express it anyway.


I know I live in a city, but the noise is constant (except at about 4am on a Sunday when all the drunks have left the city). Right now I hear cars on the street, just before one of my neighbours had an alarm clock going off (they do this at really weird hours, and often just a few minutes apart. I’m not sure if they are a shift worker struggling to wake up, or are using it as some sort of timing device so they don’t burn the cooking – hmmm, maybe I should try that!), someone in another neighbouring apartment had a person visiting who had a hell of a cough… and on and on. One night we also heard what sounded like quite severe domestic abuse with screams… until we realised it was quite loud domestic bliss (the increased frequency and repetitiveness gave it away).

Car alarms or building alarms go off in the middle of the night, little dogs yap loudly either in the building or on the street (despite being on the 16th floor, it seems all noise travels up here, and we can almost hear a loud conversation – well, we can hear it, just not word for word), people yelling, drunks yelling, doors slamming, vehicles beeping as they reverse… The list goes on. Sensory overload?

I guess some days I wish I was back in the country listening to not much at all.

Right now I’m listening to the clock tick tocking… considering removing the battery…


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