One Saturday evening we decided to head to the night markets in Chinatown (click here for a  map, click here for the official web page). These markets have their own paragraph in the Lonely Planet Vancouver book, and the pictures made it look quite exotic, so I was pretty keen to go and see for myself.


As it was still summer, it was a nice walk to the markets. We approached and saw the markets laid out in a street with a slight uphill slope, so you got a good view of the lights and colours ahead of you.

Night market

There were stalls set up with all sorts of goods being sold, from a variety of different foods and drinks, to fresh fruit, clothing, bonsai trees, cheap shoes, scarves, stick on tattoos, wall hangings, sunglasses and your to-be-expected cheap plastic crap/toys/jewellery you find in any market.

Cell phone accessories anyone?

Cell phone accessories anyone?

Chinatown foodChinatown food 2

I have to admit I was left a little disappointed. I had slightly higher expectations after the paragraph in Lonely Planet and reading about the markets on the net, and wasn’t expecting the repeat stalls of cheap plastic toys. I think I also expected the markets to be bigger somehow. Besides the food, few stalls gave me the impression of this being a Chinatown market, and I guess I would have liked to see a bigger emphasis on the fact this was Chinatown, with more authentic products. However,that said, it was still entertaining to go and look and try the food. For me, the food was the highlight. Next time (because I will go again next summer), I will take an empty stomach and try a few more of the different goodies on offer.


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