I’ve Come Full Circle

When I first started this blog, my aim was to write for one year, capturing my life in Sweden from midsommar to midsommar. Well I’ve come full circle and now it’s time to write about my final midsommar in Sweden. However, don’t fret, I will be continuing this blog, so if you enjoy reading it, my sporadic post entries will continue in their sporadic, random way.

Midsommar this year was lovely. I invited all of my nearest and dearest friends who were going to be staying in Stockholm for the event (many/most people leave the city headed for the archipelago and other wonderful (west coast) destinations for midsommar). It was a very casual, slightly less traditional affair compared to our last couple of years. We arranged beforehand who would bring what, so we had enough of all the “right” foods (by now if you’ve been following this blog you know the drill – herring of many different assortments, knäckebröd (hard breads) and cheese, potatoes, boiled eggs and caviar etc…. plus the strawberry cake, yum!) and of course beer and wine to wash it down! Oh, did I forget to mention the snaps? Yip, some of that alcohol/rocket fuel to chase down some of the fish…

As we were staying in the city this year, I arranged for everyone to go to Djurgården, near Rosendals (click here for a google map). Well, in fact, all I did was suggest we meet at the blue gates and walk in and find somewhere nice to sit and picnic. There was no contingency plan, no plan B for if the weather turned sour (which it ultimately does almost every midsommar) but this year we were blessed with near perfect sunshine.


Colourful, sunny, happy – what more could one ask for midsommar.

A rugby ball found its way to the picnic, and kept a few people entertained for quite some time before the food came out. After the food, it was also used as a way to burn off some energy and make room for more food.



A set of kubb also made it’s way to the picnic, much to the amusement of many of us. The main aim of kubb is to knock over the evenly spaced wooden blocks of the opposing team (sounds easy, but it’s not actually that easy, especially after a few snaps), and then finally knock over the “King” block in the middle. You have to throw the sticks in a very particular way, and this makes it a bit more of a challenge.


A game of kubb.

This was also my parents first midsommar experience, and sadly, my last (for the foreseeable future at least).

Excellent company, great food, loads of sunshine, a little wine and snaps, some light exercise… what a fine midsommar!


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