Meet the Parents

After almost 7 years together, M’s and my parents had still not met. It was simply a matter of geography – our parents live literally half a world away from each other. M and I have had many conversations where we entertain ourselves with how a “meet the parents” scenario might go, both of us over emphasising various little traits and the awkwardness they could produce. In reality however, the biggest barrier would be the language – both sets of parents have different native languages, and if anything, communication might be a problem.

So when the opportunity finally arose for our parents to meet, we had one last giggle at how awkward things could turn out, then sucked it up, accepted that our parents were adults, had met many people from different countries in their lives, had coped well without our interference for 60+ years, and then got on with it. My parents were here in Stockholm to visit us. M’s parents were coming up from Germany as he was defending his PhD thesis and having a PhD party (more on that later). So the meeting ground was neutral – our apartment. It couldn’t have been easier.

I’d like to regale you with some funny tales and awkward moments, but they just didn’t happen. Everyone was really excited to meet – I think M and I were the most nervous! While there were a few communication break down moments, with both M and I on hand to either translate (well, that was M’s job) or simplify the English, or remind mum and dad not to use so much Kiwi slang, it all went smoothly. I think the biggest thing to mention, that even rates this as something worth writing about, is that it took almost 7 years for our folks to meet. I wonder if that is a record?

The nice thing about our parents meeting was that later that evening at M’s PhD party when both sets of parents didn’t know anyone, they naturally gravitated towards one another, having become friends earlier in the day. Now my next question is, how long until they meet again?



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