Mum and Dad are here – Look out!

Our first few days we did some pretty standard tourist things. We went to Gamla Stan, the old town, and looked at the castle and the beautiful old buildings and small narrow cobbled streets there. We took the bus to Haga Parken and checked out the copper tents and some of the other surrounding buildings.

Gamla Stan

A square in the centre of Gamla Stan.

Copper tents

Copper tents in Haga Parken.

We took a hop on hop off boat ride in the centre of Stockholm. It stopped at all of the main tourist sites, including the Vasa, so as it was raining on this particular day, we chose the Vasa as our outing. Unfortunately, so did every other tourist in Stockholm on that day. My dad doesn’t especially like crowds, and even I have to say, this was crowded! A line had formed that snaked its way back out of the door for a good 50 metres, and inside the doors we could see people literally pressed up against the glass. We opted not to wait in line for the experience of seeing the Vasa with a few thousand others…

Instead we went to the huge and beautiful building right next to the Vasa – the Nordiska museum. This was virtually empty, so clearly a winner for those not inspired by crowds. I had never been to this museum before, so it was a first for me, and a spontaneous addition to the “itinerary”. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but as it turned out, the Nordiska is a museum of cultural history. We discovered everything from home interiors (place settings, dining room layouts, toys and bedrooms), festivals, fashions, jewellery and Sami culture (not as comprehensive as the museum in Jokkmokk M and I visited once) from as far back in some cases as the 16th century forwards in time until today. There was also a display on August Strindberg, a well-known author in Sweden. We spent a few hours there, and besides all of the exhibitions to marvel at, you have to remember to look at the building itself too, quite beautiful all on its own.


Inside the Nordiska Museum


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