A Winter Gallery

Coming from New Zealand, I used to get SUPER excited when it snowed – in NZ I mean, not in Sweden. It looks so pretty, but it would melt in a day leaving a slushy mess, and it was always cold – inside, outside, everywhere!

Now here in Sweden I’ve had the good luck to see a “real” winter (well, ok, 4 “real” winters), and while NZ, you do look beautiful covered in a sprinkling of snow, you simply can’t compete with the sheer, pure coldness and longevity of the snow in Sweden in the depths of winter. And I’m pleased about that!

A few pictures taken during winter to share with you. Enjoy.

Crisp clear morning

On my way to work one crisp clear morning.

Crisp clear morning 2

People on their way to work.


Snowy bike.

Lonely snowy bike.

The museum.

A not so sunny clear day, which is more common in some months. This is my work place.


Winter courtyard

The courtyard out behind my apartment on a snowy afternoon.

Winter trees

Winter trees, such a common sight you stop noticing how beautiful it is.


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