Åstol, West Coast

Cruising through autumn, the days get shorter, the nights get longer, the grey clouds in the sky settle in like they’re going to be there forever, the sun becomes a memory, the temperatures drop… oh and did I mention, the days get shorter and the nights get longer…?!? You need to do something to keep the encroaching winter at bay for as long as possible! So one long weekend in November, my friend Annika invited a few people to  join her on a trip the west coast of Sweden to her family’s summer house (yes I realise it wasn’t summer).

We started with a 4 hour train ride to Göteborg, then a half hour train ride to somewhere else, followed by a one hour bus ride to somewhere else, and finished off by a short 10 minute ferry ride (clearly, apart from the first and last parts, I had no idea where we were, not really a surprise actually). And then there we were, on a bare rocky outcrop named Åstol, smattered in coloured houses, surrounded by beautiful ocean with little waves and seagulls and ocean salt scent. Beautiful!

Welcome to Åstol!

Welcome to Åstol!

Rooftops over Åstol.

Rooftops over Åstol on a moody November day.

It was still grey and overcast while we were there, but the feeling of open spaces, ocean and relaxation just took over. We slept in late, had slow lazy breakfasts, took slow discovery walks (ok, if we walked too fast we would probably have gone around the island in no time), read books, chatted, played cards, cooked nice dinners and set the table (like real grown ups!).

Stormy sky

I love it when the sky gets all stormy but the sun still lights up the ground.

Fishing gear

Fishing is clearly a major pass time from the looks of the gear stacked up here.


Dinner with candles.

Mini harbour

Only a few boats line the jetty at this time of year, but I can imagine in summer it is a different story.


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