To Gotland for a Wedding – Part II

I did mention something about a wedding didn’t I? This was our first Swedish wedding, and it was lovely! Held at the home of the parents of the bride, the ceremony was outdoors, and the reception was in an old barn – so old in fact that one end was roped off and we weren’t allowed there because I believe it wasn’t so safe… The groom had built stairs to the upper floor, and also built extra toilets outside – really awesome stuff, he had really put some talent into these. In fact, inside each of the 2 extra loos were crayons and a whited out section of wall for the loo visitors to draw on. He had also stuck up a couple of very sweet photos of himself and his bride to entertain the visitors.

The ceremony was lovely, with bride and groom and their two small boys standing at the front of the crowd. A brother sang a song for part of the celebration. Then we all gathered around for a few quick words of thanks with glasses raised to toast the newly weds, and then we were off up the stairs to the barn, accompanied by violin music by one of the bride’s friends. Dinner was lovely, a creamy soup for the starter, followed by more food than I needed, and dessert over in the main house. To break dinner up, the newly weds are forced to partake in some good natured games in front of their friends and family. This involved swopping a shoe each, and being asked rather amusing questions by the MC such as “Who is the better driver?” and holding up the shoe to indicate who what they each thought. This was a real crowd pleaser!  Following dessert, we all headed out to the yard behind the house, where coloured lanterns had been strung up in trees and a make shift bar set up, music played and guests danced on the paved section under a chandalier strung up in the trees. Simply beautiful!

The barn where the wedding reception took place.

The barn where the wedding reception took place.

Inside barn

The reception was held inside the barn, a simply splendid and beautiful location. I couldn’t have pictured anything more lovely.

the loos

Didn’t I tell you? The extra loos were awesome!

Wine glasses

Wine glasses in a row, waiting for the first toast after the ceremony.

Excuse me, don't forget me!

Excuse me, don’t forget me!

Beautiful bridal hair.

Beautiful bridal hair.

Inside the barn, the kids table.

Inside the barn, the kids table.


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