To Gotland for a Wedding – Part I

Before you set out on reading this post be warned, it’s a long one. It has been a while since I posted (Christmas got in the way and then back to work and it was busy) so I guess I’m making up for it here! I could have split this in two, but my internet pains me so much sometimes that I will just do what I can when I can!

We clearly spent a large portion of our 2 week holiday in the north, or driving north, or driving back from being in the north. But drive back we had to as we had a wedding to attend on Gotland, an island a bit south of Stockholm, see this link for a map.

We ended up doing most of the driving in just 1 and a bit days, a bit tiring, but otherwise we wouldn’t have made it. We took the ferry over to Gotland. I was expecting a smallish ferry, but this was quite big and could fit a number of cars and vehicles on board, which surprised me somewhat seeing as when I was booking the ferry, a lot of dates were sold out for vehicles. It also felt like a very long ferry ride (I guess after all the driving that is) and I was sitting at a table somewhere on the ferry trying not to fall asleep.

We arrived around midnight to Gotland, and our first job was to drive and find somewhere to park and sleep for the night. We were both tired, and of course the ferry pulls into one of the main towns on the island (Visby), so finding somewhere to sleep, off the road, in a quiet cosy spot, was actually kind of difficult.  We settled for somewhere reasonable, both too tired to really care or to drive for miles, and quickly fell asleep.

We had the whole next day and a half to have a quick explore of Gotland – we severely underestimated firstly how beautiful this place was, and secondly how big it was! We could have easily spent a lot longer there. M did some road biking, I did some doodly biking, we went swimming in the ocean, spent a few hours looking through the main town Visby (so many amazing monastery ruins, really something to see!) and explored Fårö,  a section of the coast where there are formations shaped of rock that have been weathered by the elements, and finally…. went to where the wedding would be! We drove to the wedding location in the dark in the evening (clearly it was very late for it to be dark at this time of year). M and I missed the turn the first time, so M did a u-turn on the grass at the side of the road. Unfortunately, while the grass was cut so it looked flat, we in fact drove ourselves into a ditch. So in true gender equality fashion, there was me, out infront of the car, pushing for all I was worth, while M was behind the wheel…. Sometimes gender equality gets taken a bit far, but, Super Woman that I am, I pushed the car out. 🙂

If you ever make it to Sweden in summer I strongly recommend you spend a few days on Gotland. I have been trying to convince M to go there for ages, but as there are “no mountains, it’s just flat” I couldn’t interest him, so I was really pleased we had a reason to go there. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story, well, almost all of the rest… scroll down for more reading!


Visby town wall.

Visby town wall.

Some buildings in the town.

Some buildings in the town.

Yellow town building.

Yellow town building.

Ginger bread house.

Houses like these always make me think of ginger bread houses, even though in reality ginger bread houses look nothing like this.

Monastery ruins.

Having just finished reading Ken Follett’s “Pillars of the Earth”, the monastery ruins held a special charm.

Outside town wall.

The view from outside the town wall shows how impressive and fortress like this wall was made.

Some views on my doodle bike ride.

Some views on my doodly bike ride.

A field of hard-baked ginger bread cookie cut outs...?

A field of hard-baked ginger bread cookie cut outs…?

wind mill

I didn’t see so many of these on my trip to Amsterdam a couple of years ago, but I saw a beautiful one here.


Some of the rock formations along the coast at Fårö.

One of the rock formations with M perched atop. X marks the spot.

One of the rock formations with M perched atop. X marks the spot.

A group of small fishing huts used seasonally, located right beside a beach - perfect.

A group of small fishing huts used seasonally, located right beside a beach – perfect.

Fishing boats on the far side of the fishing huts.

Fishing boats on the far side of the fishing huts.









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