Abisko and Riksgränsen

We continued on towards Abisko National Park, and a place called Riksgränsen. Riksgränsen is a border (or one of the borders) between Sweden and Norway and there is a customs place to be found there. There just so happened to be a big car park space right next to the customs place, and there was no where else for miles that we could find where we could park and sleep for the night… so yes, we parked and slept in the car park! We weren’t the only ones though! It is also home to an apparently wicked ski field (at 200km north of the Arctic circle how could it not be awesome?) and we’re hoping to make it back there sometime in the next few months for some snow, and if we’re lucky, a northern lights show.

But it was summer time and M was keen to do a spot of mountain biking (I don’t have a mountain bike, and couldn’t have kept up with him if I tried) and I was keen to do a day walk. I chose a walk called Trollsjön, literally translated meaning troll lake. It was one of the most beautiful walks I think I have ever done. The lake at the top, obviously glacier fed, was so emerald green and clear, you could see right through to the bottom. The sun hit the water top and it was like looking at sparkling diamonds moving over the surface. Really amazing. I found myself a spot on the hillside in the grass, and proceeded to eat my packed lunch, and at the end of it, refilled my water bottle from a stream nearby running down the hillside into the lake. As I’ve said before I’m no photographer, but I tried to get a lot of pics here because it was so amazing. I have to say though, it doesn’t quite catch the beauty of the place. If you ever get the chance, it is really an amazing walk, easy, a bit uphill, only about 5km in to the lake from the nearest road so very accessible, but I felt like I’d found an unspoiled gem. The scenery in places reminded me of Lord of the Rings (so difficult to not compare places to NZ!).



The train station near the start of the walk.

The train station near the start of the walk.


True outhouse style, I couldn’t resist a pic of this one.

view heading up trollsjön

View looking back as I was heading up Trollsjön.


A view of one part of the valley.

the valley

Another view of the valley.

big rocks

Some of the big rocks poking out of the ground.

the lake

And finally, there it was, the lake!




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