Summer Pictures

And on we drove, from Luleå, and… through the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Circle
Arctic Circle.

I had to get this picture, I simply couldn’t let the chance pass. My summer holiday – above the arctic circle…! We were pretty lucky, with sunshine almost all of the time, but sometimes the temperature was only around 10 degres, although I guess that is not actually too bad considering the latitude. But the latitude also made me more surprised to dicover there were STILL flying nasty beasties trying to get us, even way up here! Surely the harsh winters kill these things off? Clearly not.

This post I don’t want to write so much, I just want to add some pictures that I think will otherwise not find a home among the summer holiday stories that are to come.

First up, a young moose we spotted as we were driving along the road. We were part way between Kebnekaise and Nikaluokta. I had been staring out the window wondering if I would ever see a moose in real life, not just at Skansen zoo. We did stop on this trip at a museum that had one display showing moose antlers throughout their life – I think seeing a mature moose with a full set of antlers would be a tad intimidating. So this guy was clearly just young.

Young moose.

Young moose.

Next up, we spotted an eagle of some sort on the side of the road, snacking on the local road kill ( a deer) not far past our moose sighting. It sat there so majestically, but got camera shy as I lined it up for a shot, so I just got the bird in flight.


Driving somewhere else, to the side of the road was this magnificent view (keep in mind I am not a photographer, so the sights were far more stunning than I managed to capture).

Pretty view.
Pretty view.
Mirror image.

Mirror image.


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