Rediscovering Stockholm Part IV

I think this is the last part of “Rediscovering Stockholm”, but there are so many beautiful places to see and wonderful places to eat, that it was hard to fit everything into B’s trip so she got a good overview of the city (and in fact we didn’t fit everything!). I think I may keep “Rediscovering Stockholm” as an open chapter on my blog, so if I “rediscover” something I can share.

Today, Sunday, B’s last day here (unless you count an horrendously early start on Monday) we decided to get out of the city. Our itinerary had us scheduled to pack a picnic, take a boat out into the archipelago, walk around a little, sit and eat and enjoy the sun. And that was exactly what we did. Alternative plans if the weather hadn’t cooperated were to hit a few museums and maybe a spot of shopping.

Leaving Stockholm

A view of one of the Stockholm islands as we left the city behind.

Given it was a Sunday, and still pre-lunch time, it was with a full boat that we headed out into the archipelago. The views as we left the city were, as one would expect, stunning. We sat outside and felt nicely warmed by the late summer sun (but not burnt!). In my typical style, I could not keep the lunch box closed until lunch time, and we both snacked happily on grapes on the way there. It was a little over an hour until we reached Grinda, our destination. On the way we passed Vaxholm, a place which I think I listed on my first attempt at an intinerary. So, in a way, we got to tick off two things in one, seeing the fortress at Vaxholm combined with the boat ride into the archipelago.

Once at Grinda, we wandered along for a while, looking for a little spot where we could sit at the waters edge, open our picnic, chat and enjoy the day. I didn’t take so may photos this day, and the ones I did take don’t do the surroundings justice, so take the below pics as you will. The weather closed in a bit as we sat there, so we went from sun bathing to slowly returning pieces of our clothes one bit at a time. And despite scaring B with tales of Sweden’s nasty wildlife (aka ticks) we managed to stay tick free!

The return trip was made with less sunshine but more moody clouds, a different side to the archipelago but still beautiful nontheless.

Grey skies

Moody clouds and grey skies.

And back home, before an early start on Monday morning to get B to her flight. What a fabulous weekend I had!!!! Thanks B, come again soon!!! And for those of you thinking of visiting Stockholm, there is so much to see and do, it really is worth taking your time to see as much as you can!



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