Rediscovering Stockholm Part III

Glass blowing

Glass blowing workshop at Skansen.

As you may have noticed from the date on this post and the last one, it’s been a while since I wrote anything. I’ve been away on holiday, then overseas for work and even got to stop and visit my family. But now I’m back and it’s time to finish off some of the stories I started, and then there are lots more stories to share. So back to B’s visit to Stockholm…!

Saturday rolled around and off we went to Skansen, an outdoor open air museum/zoo located in the centre of Stockholm. I had been there once before, not long after I first arrived in Stockholm, but had not seen everything, so I was equally looking forward to going as was B. We started with the craft section. First up we got to go into to a glass blowing workshop, and watch a girl make a paper weight in the shape of an apple from scratch. It was surprisingly awesome to see, and must have taken some skill to do!

From there we headed off in the direction of the carpenty workshop, where we got to see a man crafting beautiful furniture.


Wood working at Skansen.

We went from there to another workshop but I’m not sure what to call this one. It smelled something like a mechanics workshop, but there were no cars, just an older man working on something mechanical… (do you like the girl description there?). Then we continued around Skansen, spying all the animals (wolverines are real animals, not just a character in X Men), admiring the beautiful old buildings, watching some traditional folk dancing and finally enjoying a big fat ice cream!



We also saw bears at the zoo, and while M has expressed a keen interest in encountering one of these beasts in their natural habitat, I’m a little more cautious and am quite happy to view them in their enclosure.

Farm building

An old farm building.

Fold dancing

Traditional folk dancing.

Traditional costumes

Traditional costumes for children.

Much more colourful and lively in real life, a group of 9-10 people were performing traditional folk dances, dressed in traditional costume. I did see that after their efforts they sat down to a “traditional” afternoon tea – well deserved!

Farm house

Old style farm house.

This is the old style farm stead building. You can see a little clock in the centre of the roof. Inside had been preserved just as if it was still being lived in from all those years ago – the beds, heating, kitchen, wall paper, lighting. It was really amazing. More surprising is that sometimes around rural areas of Sweden you can still come across buildings from this era.

After our 5 hour sojourn around Skansen, we intended to head back to Gamla Stan seeing as I had rushed B the day before. However, along the way, and very near the Vasa museum, we came across a free open air concert. Now I can’t remember what it was called, but we stopped there for an hour or more, and met friends of mine there. It was good timing to have a lie down in the grass and listen to live music.  Then on again, through Gamla Stan and off towards Södermalm. By now it was getting late, and most shops had closed, so no shopping for us, but restaurants were open and we found ourselves at a surprisingly tasty little Indian restaurant. It didn’t look like much, and I can’t say I was thrilled with the service, but the food was really good!


I don’t often take photos where I think, wow that’s a good shot. But this one of Södermalm, seen looking across from Gamla Stan on this Saturday evening, with the late summer sun shining on the old buildings, has to be one of those pics when I think, oh I got that right! How can you resist a city this pretty?


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