Rediscovering Stockholm – Part II

So yay my dear friend made it here, late in the evening, so once collected off home we went for a bit of a natter and bed.

Friday dawned, and after an easy start (no need to rush, this was a holiday!) we took the tunnelbana (metro, or subway) into the city. Here we began by weaving our way through other tourists and up Drottninggatan, taking in Åhlens department store, trying on shoes, buying shoes, wandering through Hotorget market, and eventually making it all the way to Odenplan and Observatoriet. However, we didn’t go into the museum there , but decided to make the most of the sunny weather and sit outside to eat our lunch. Stomachs satisfied, we made our way back down from there towards Gamla Stan, weaving back and forth across streets as we went.

Gamla Stan, or the Old City, is simply beautiful, with it’s cobbled streets, old buildings, narrow roads and cute shops (albeit a tourist trap).


Gamla Stan.


Narrow cobbled streets.


Shop window display on Gamla Stan.

 I think I may have rushed us across Gamla Stan a little, as it was really full of people, but luckily it didn’t prevent us seeing how beautiful it is. By now we had already spent more than a few hours in the city, and had planned to meet friends for a grill in the evening, so we turned ourselves around and headed back to my apartment to get the supplies.

I then forced B to ride my bike to Haga Parken where we were meeting people, while I took M’s giant man sized mountain bike. Perhaps not the best idea, but we did make it in the end 🙂 and met some friends. Barely minutes after we arrived, however, it started to pour buckets… The grill was moved back to my apartment (would have been so much easier if it had rained earlier and saved the bike ride!), and the bike ride home left the bikes and riders well washed!

Starting the evening with a vodka and sprite for those drinking was the best way to warm up again. Our kind male grill participants took the grills outside and dutifully stood in the rain cooking our food, complete with umbrella (over the grill of course, not them). Despite the rain it was a fine evening!!!! Great company, well grilled food (cheers boys!), and lots of laughter!.




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