Saturday Morning Stroll

I admit it, I often go out and am surrounded by amazing views, and barely notice. I look but I don’t really see. The view is too ordinary, or I’ve seen it a hundred times before. But I find that when I take my camera with me, I take the time to really look properly, because I want to capture something interesting. So that’s what I did one Saturday morning a couple of weeks back, took my camera, and really looked at what was around me. It was interesting and fun to see what I had previously seen but not really noticed. I wonder how many of us can say we are guilty of this? Life is going on around us but we are too busy to really notice it or see it.  I can’t say it improves my photography skills though… but I feel more satisfied that I’ve looked properly.

While taking a Saturday morning stroll can hardly be called Swedish, and nor does it have anything to do with Swedish culture or living in Sweden, I nonetheless decided to add a post here. Nothing of importance happened, I simply wanted to share a few pictures of some “typical” views I see when out and about.  

I walked along a section of water known as Bällstaviken, which leads from a suburb next to mine (Sundbyberg), right into the city, unsurprisingly changing names as it goes (Ulvsundasjön, Karlbergsjön…). You can actually follow this water (and path) almost right into the city – I haven’t gone all the way into the city so perhaps it does lead all the way there. Which I think is pretty cool – cute path, next to the water, to stroll along and hey presto, the city!

Apartments by the water

These I spied just as I got to the start of the path, apartments by the water with boats docked outside. Maybe it’s not the world’s best view, but I wouldn’t say no…

5 knots

House boat with letter box.

There was a speed limit sign, but for the house boats dotted along the waterfront, I doubt they need to worry about this. So contrasting (to me) to see a house boat with it’s own letter box outside. I guess they don’t pull anchor and go travelling so often.

I also spied this… concrete tub… in the distance. Anyone able to make any suggestions of what it was? I hardly think concrete is the best material, and any sort of waves look like they could easily spill over the low edges.

Concrete tub?

Anyway, perhaps I’m wrong, and they aren’t trying to create a concrete boat, but it looks suspiciously like it to me…

And finally, three photos which I just thought were pretty cool – orange sail boats all lined up (for rent?), a box for something that I simply liked, and a shot of some big nasty clouds making their way towards me…

Orange sail boats.

Graffiti box.

Summer storm brewing?




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