Post Midsummer Madness

As Allsång på Skansen plays on the tv in the background (oh goodness, I feel a post dedicated to this famous Swedish sing along is a must!) I thought I would follow up a little from our Midsummer celebrations. No, the follow up is nothing traditional, but I have more photos!

Some lovely red wine we drank.

Following on from the maypole fun/sack race festivities, we headed back to my friend’s place and decided to take a walk out to a little beach (much needed after all the food!). First off, let me say, Möja, the island in the Stockholm archipelago where we were, is simply gorgeous!  Beautiful little red houses dot the landscape, fields of wild flowers, forest, lakes, and now a little beach too. If you ever get the opportunity to go there I recommend it. Down the road we went, and into the forest… We didn’t dare pause too long at any point because the mosquitoes are quite friendly, and these little beasties have no qualms about biting right through your clothing, if they can manage. 

Forest path leading to the beach.

And there in front of us was the beach! 


 An attempt at swimming, which ended when my thighs went numb and the skin started tingling from the coldness, saw me backing rapidly out of the water. However 2 of the guys had to play the “who’s more of a man” game, and actually went in properly swimming (just a little impressed). Then all we had left to do was lie in the sun… ahhhhh 🙂 After which we headed back, ate MORE food and drank MORE wine! This time it was barbeque, and gorgeously cooked meat, and lovely red from the first picture! Tack Ebba och dina föräldrar!!  

BBQ, it’s a man thing.

Yum Yum Yum!

BBQ dinner.


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