About Me

Me and my boyfriend

I am a 33 year old female from New Zealand who moved to Sweden… for love. Ew I hate saying that, but it’s true. My boyfriend and I moved to Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm, a little over 3 years ago so he could do his PhD.  I had already finished my PhD and a post doc and decided that it sounded like a good adventure, so I signed up for it.

The first 1.5 years here were pretty tough. I left a pretty cool, full time job, and naively thought getting a job in a foreign country where I don’t speak the native language would be, well, not easy, but not sooo hard!  It’s not until you don’t have a job for a long time that you realise how important having one is to helping you feel a part of society. It’s often how you meet people in a new place, it’s where you go for at least 8 hours a day, it keeps your brain busy, and then you look forward to going home at the end of the day. Take that away, and things get a little tricky.

When I first moved here, all of the things I knew (or thought I knew) about Sweden could have been written on the palm of my hand – ABBA, volvo, vikings, tall blondes, meatballs, Roxette and cold winters. Oh, and apparently there were a lot of similarities between New Zealand and Sweden. In the last 3 years I have managed to expand that list somewhat, remove the tall blonde stereotype, eat some meatballs (with lignon sauce), and find out what a cold winter is really like. I’m also still searching for things New Zealand and Sweden have in common, besides a lot of outdoor/unpopulated areas… I intend to write this blog over the next year to record my experiences so I have a memoir, and expand other people’s knowledge about Sweden to more than just a palm full! I certainly am no expert on Sweden or Swedes, but I have a slightly longer list now than when I first arrived…

So, more than 3 years later, I’m still here, employed full time, still with my boyfriend, with a plethora of new people I can proudly call my friends, and enjoying the finest that Sweden has to offer.

(Update: I’m no longer 33, and after 4.5 years there, I no longer live in Sweden. But more or less everything about still stands, only now I have another country/city to write about – check out Vancouver in the tabs at the top).

Welcome along and join me as I share a little of my life with you.


4 responses to “About Me

  • Sara

    Hej! Jag ska skriva på svenska… 😛
    Jag följer din blogg och jag gillar det mycket. Jag visste inte de saker du skriver om. Jag bloggar på svenska (lite!) här http://minliteavvarje.wordpress.com och på engelska här http://globetrottersara.worpdress.com
    Så… Jag kommer att åka till Stockholm för mitt arbete i mars.
    Vill du träffas när jag vill vara i Stockholm? Det ska bli så trevligt.
    PS: I’m Italian, brought up in Africa, initially worked in Latin America and now working in the UK. Weird, I know… 🙂

    • kiswe

      hej Sara, Det låter bra! Det är skönt att du läser min blogg 🙂 Tack! Jag har läst din blogg ibland öckså. Skriver mig när du ska kommer till sverige.

  • wayno

    Wayno stop press.. my mistake..jumped the gun without doin pre comment recon my apologies sister..back in the day 25yrs ago an aussie mate & I had a job lined up in Sweden building silos but we ended up playing rugby in Biaritz france but have a lot of time & respect for all things swede..very evolved lot.

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